Hello out there!

I’ve decided to start a blog to document the beginnings and evolution of SeaHope Partners. I am continually amazed by how serendipity and instinct weigh in and move us in new directions. Working on The Sewing Machine Project we have delivered sewing machines to hundreds of people who need them. But when the oil spill began…and spewed and gushed in the Gulf of Mexico…we felt we needed a different approach–related but different.

And so I began to call in every resource I could muster…thinking of an approach that would make sense and which would truly benefit Gulf residents, hit so hard by this environmental disaster. Delivering a sewing machine didn’t seem like enough. Days went by and I waited and thought. One quiet morning I woke up with an image so clear in my mind I knew it had to be it. We would develop a product…something that would symbolize the people, the places, the lives that have been affected…and we would sell it, creating a fund. So SeaHope began.

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