Production preparation

Our first bags will be produced here in Madison…we need to get them out there!! They’re so cool! We continue to work on the logistics of producing them in the Gulf area but that takes awhile so, in the meantime…

Over the weekend we needed to cut out all the pieces for the first 100 bags. Why couldn’t the sewing contractor do this, you ask? It’s way too labor intensive, cutting one at a time out of sails. We want to make the most of the design details of the sails and avoid heavily soiled parts. There are still blemishes here and there, the marks of a job well done by the sail…it’s almost like the details of its life in its markings, blemished areas, small flaws. We want the bags to reflect the legacy of these mighty sails and doing that takes time…lots of time. So I called out to my friends and asked for help. And they responded so beautifully! We worked all day Saturday, cutting and cutting and cutting!

And today I delivered all of the pieces to our sewing contractor and the bags will get started.

While we’re doing this, Michael out in Knoxville is working hard to get the SeaHope website up and running…it looks so cool! Lois did the design and she’s totally amazing. She also designed the Sewing Machine Project site and she knows the feel of our project so well. Wait til you see it! And once it’s up, we’ll be able to take orders.

And there’s more to come…

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